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羊浓缩料 牛浓缩料
Technical advantage
Strong technical team and advanced formulation introduced from the U.S.
Quality and safety guarantee
Based on advanced germany equipment and strong detection capability, we do regular testing of raw materials to ensure product quality and safety.
Procurement advantages
Our core raw materials are purchased from world well-know brands after field visit and verificationg to ensure absolute advantage in quality and price
First-class production technology
Our fully automatic production lines are made of stainless steel,very few residuals,and we produce different feed in different lines to ensure feed quality.
Consistent quality
We strictly implement detectiong of raw materials,the production process control and product quality inspection to ensure consistent quality.
Excellent service system
We have a strong technical team to provide customers with timely and professional technical support and a full range of services.
Founded in 2005,Zhucheng Kangmeihua Feed Technology Co., Ltd. is a general farming company integrating feed development, production and sales.

Co-founded by several ruminants nutrition and feed management experts, Kangmeihua is specialized in producing and selling high end ruminants( cattle, sheep) premix feed, concentrate feed and concentrate supplement based on the advanced formulation technology introduced from the U.S. Considering the difference of ruminants species, we produce series feed that are of strong timeliness and high efficiency, according to the latest NRC standard.

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sheep premix feed | cattle premix feed | sheep concentrate feed | cattle concentrate feed | (cattle)sheep concentrate supplement | Yishunyuan additive | fermented feed
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